for Better Independence & Liberty Bridges

We are dedicated to safely and effectively maintaining and operating both structures while financing, designing, constructing and executing the rehabilitation and modernization of Liberty Bridge and replacement of the Independence Bridge.

Our goal is to complete both structures in the most economical, shortest time frame with minimal impact to Bay City residents and business owners.

Liberty Bridge

Complete Rehabilitation and Modernization

  • Repairs and improvements to the footings & foundations, substructure, and superstructure
  • Bridge deck/roadway connections
  • Scour protection
  • Bascule electrical and mechanical systems
  • Bridge performance monitoring
  • Remodel and upgrade operator house
  • Upgrade to warning gates and operator houses
  • Widen existing bike/pedestrian path
  • Architectural handrail and decorative lighting
  • Open road all-electronic tolling system with closed system video and cameras

Independence Bridge


  • New alignment allows old bridge to remain open while new bridge is being constructed
  • Optimized profile
  • Roadway geometry tie-ins
  • Designed in accordance with MDOT and AASHTO design standards and regulations
  • 75-year (minimal) useful life
  • Open road all-electronic tolling system with closed system video and cameras

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Bay City Reaches Agreement on Liberty and Independence Bridges

(BAY CITY) – United Bridge Partners dba Bay City Bridge Partners (BCBP) has entered into an agreement with Bay City to assume responsibility for Liberty and Independence bridges.