General Tolling

When will tolling begin?

Tolling began on 6/16/2023. Toll transactions are being stored for processing.
Customers will not see transactions posting to their accounts until we activate the Monthly Pass and Bay City Resident Discount Plan.

What is the speed limit through the toll gantry?

Drivers should maintain the posted speed limit, currently set at 35 MPH.

Will there be toll booths?

The Liberty and Independence toll systems are All-Electronic and do not have any toll booth.
Watch this video to learn more about electronic tolling.

Are there signs notifying drivers of the toll bridges?

All toll signage is designed and installed according to Federal Highway standards, other road signage regulations, and in coordination with the City. BCBP has met and/or exceeded these standards.

What if someone else was driving my vehicle?

The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment of tolls and fees.

When will Pay-by-Mail customers receive their first invoice?

More details on Pay-by-Mail billing will be provided in the coming weeks

Does BCBP issue a W-9 for commercial accounts?

A completed W-9 form can be provided to businesses upon request.

When will Independence open and begin tolling?

Currently schedule for completion in 2024. Visit for the most updated project information.


When will I receive my BC-PASS transponder?

Fulfillment requests for transponders are completed within 5 business days.

Is there a cost for a new or replacement BC-PASS transponder?

There is no charge for a new or replacement BC-Pass.

Why do I need to have a BC-PASS account and install a transponder in my vehicle?

The BC-PASS is a sticker-type transponder that transmits a signal to the tolling equipment mounted on the bridge. Based on the type and status of your BC-PASS account, it processes the corresponding toll rate.

If you do not have a valid BC-PASS account and/or a properly installed transponder, you may be charged the higher Pay-by-Mail rate for your tolls.

Additionally, certain discounts require customers to have a valid BC-PASS account/transponder to qualify for the discounted toll.

Can I use my BC-PASS transponder on both the Liberty and Independence bridges?

Yes. You do not need a different transponder for each bridge.

What if I placed my transponder on my vehicle incorrectly?

Stop by our Walk-In Center at 300 Center Ave, Suite 101. If you attempt remove/relocate the transponder, it will break and no longer work.

BC-PASS Account Access, Transactions and Payment Methods

How can I reset my username/password?

Use the “forgot username/password” button on the log in page. You will receive an email notification with your log in details.

Why do I need to add a payment method to my BC-PASS account?

BC-PASS accounts require a funding method to be saved on each account.
Credit and Debit Cards
Checking Account (ACH) – available soon

What type of payment method can I use for my BC-PASS account?

Credit and Debit Cards
Checking Account (ACH) – available soon

When will I begin to see the toll transactions post to my BC-Pass account?

Tolling began on 6/16/2023. Toll transactions are being stored for processing.

Customers will not see transactions posting to their accounts until we activate the Monthly Pass and Bay City Resident Discount Plan. We will provide notification and time to opt in to these options before processing toll transactions.

What if I don't have a credit/debit card or bank account… can I use a pre-paid card?

Some but not all prepaid cards allow for automatic recurring payments.
Prepaid cards CAN be used online and on recurring payments, however they need to be

1) activated and

2) registered with the same customer information as the BC-PASS account, and

3) have a sufficient balance to cover the amount of the transaction/payment.

Discount Plans – Resident and Monthly Pass

Are businesses eligible for any discounts?

Commercial accounts and vehicles can save on tolls by traveling with a valid BC-PASS or E-ZPass account.

Do Non-Profits receive exempt status?

Non-Profits are not eligible for toll exemptions.

How does the Monthly Pass work?

The $15 Monthly Pass is for unlimited crossings of your Class 1 passenger vehicle. $15 is the cost for each vehicle registered on the Monthly Pass option.

The account type must be PRE-PAID Individual and payment set to “AUTO-REPLENISHMENT”.

Is the Monthly Pass per vehicle or per account?

Each vehicle registered for the Monthly Pass will be charged the monthly rate of $15.

NOTE: Commercial accounts/vehicles are not eligible for the Monthly Pass

How do I enroll in the Monthly Pass?

Monthly Pass enrollment is not available online. To enroll, contact customer service or visit our walk-in center. You will need to provide a valid vehicle registration card for each vehicle being enrolled in the Monthly Pass.

Who qualifies for the Monthly Pass and Resident Discount?

Commercial accounts and vehicles are not eligible for the Bay City resident or the Monthly Pass discounts.

To qualify for the Bay City resident discount, all eligible vehicles must have a transponder associated with a valid BC-PASS account and the registration address must match the resident address on the account.

What are the toll rates for Residents and Monthly Pass users?

All toll rate details can be found on the BCBP Tolling Rates page

Do Bay City residents need to open a BC-PASS account?

In order to receive the Bay City Resident Discount, all eligible vehicles must have a transponder associated with a valid BC-PASS account.

How do I qualify for the Bay City resident discount?

To be eligible for the residency discount, the account and vehicle registration address must match and be within the city limits.

If you changed your address, you will need to update your vehicle’s registration card with the Secretatry of State’s office before the discount can be applied.

When does the 5-year free period start for Bay City residents?

The 5 years free starts at the completion of construction on the bridge.

Can I use my E-ZPASS transponder for the Monthly Pass or the Bay City resident discount?

BCBP discount plans require the use of a valid BC-PASS account and transponder.

Travelers using a valid and funded E-ZPass or I-Pass will be charged the standard E-ZPass toll rate per class.

Privacy and Security

Is my payment information secure?

Customer credit card information is tokenized (the actual card details are not stored on the account)

Are you going to sell my data?

BCBP collects data for purposes of processing and collecting tolls; customer data will not be sold

E-ZPass and Other Tolling Networks

What other toll collection devices are accepted on the bridges?

BCBP accepts the BC-PASS and E-Zpass (including I-PASS) transponders only. Toll transactions will be charged at the base toll rate for each vehicle class.

Can the BC-PASS be used at other toll facilities?

Review details for BC-PASS/E-ZPass compatibility and interoperability directly with the toll facility you are traveling to. Other information can also be found at

If you plan to travel within the E-ZPass network, the recommended account type is Pre-Paid with a valid/funded status.

BC-PASS Account Information and Replenishment

Can I add multiple vehicles to my BC-PASS account?

You will be able to add multiple vehicles to one account. Each vehicle will be assigned a specific transponder.ate for each vehicle class.

How does automatic replenishment work?

The minimum amount required for auto-replenishment is $25 for each transponder registered to your BC-PASS account.

Depending on your toll usage, you may choose to select a higher replenishment amount.

What is a Prepaid Account?

Pre-pay a minimum of $25 when you open your BC-PASS account to cover future tolls. When your account balance reaches the set minimum balance threshold of $10,
it is automatically replenished via your preferred payment method for each transponder listed on your BC-PASS account.

If you plan to travel within the E-ZPass network, the recommended account type is Pre-Paid with a valid/funded account status.

What is a Pay As you Go Account?

No pre-paid balance required. After you drive, tolls will be charged automatically to your credit/debit card twice a month.