New to Tolling?

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Why create a BC-PASS account?

Ensures you are paying the lowest rate for your vehicle type

Required for City of Bay City resident discount

Required for monthly subscription rate

Offers flexibility

  • Multiple funding options based on preference and use: pre-paid, pay as you go, or monthly subscription
  • Already have a valid E-ZPass account?  Bay City Bridge Partners tolling is compatible with the E-ZPass network

What do I need to set up an account?

  • Valid photo ID
  • Valid vehicle registration for each vehicle using bridge
  • Credit or debit card 

It is our policy to use the address on your vehicle registration to determine your residency and commercial or non-commercial status. 

What are the advantages of using Liberty Bridge?

Better, more reliable experience on familiar route

    • All-new road surface
    • Upgraded bridge mechanics
    • New technology

Efficiencies of taking the most direct route

  • Time, mileage and fuel savings
  • Less vehicle wear and tear

Electronic tolling is easy

  • No toll booths to slow down traffic
  • Having an account and transponder guarantees the lowest rates for vehicle type

City of Bay City residents with transponder are FREE until 2028

Monthly subscription provides a flat rate for others who frequently use the bridge for school, work, worship, and fun


Commercial travelers benefit too with free BCBP business analysis and support

  • Understand losses incurred by rerouting to non-toll bridges
  • See how transponder usage helps to track fleet travel patterns
  • Take advantage of on-site tolling education and account registration for employees

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