About Us


Bay City Bridge Partners is a local subsidiary of United Bridge Partners, an organization created in 2010 to address the country’s infrastructure crisis with private financing solutions.

Because there is insufficient local, state or federal funds to fix Bay City’s Liberty and Independence bridges, Bay City Bridge Partners (BCBP) has entered into an acquisition and development agreement with the City of Bay City, MI for the rehabilitation and modernization of Liberty Bridge and replacement of Independence Bridge that pass over the Saginaw River.  As part of the agreement, BCBP will also assume financial responsibility for operations and maintenance of the both bridges immediately.

Overall Approach

  • Provide 100% of the project financing — no cost passed on to the city
  • Relieve Bay City of ownership liability
  • Use local workforce, local material and equipment suppliers, local engineering/technical consultants and professional services
  • Sequence and phase work to keep bridges open during construction, minimizing impact to residents and business owners
  • Develop an affordable tolling structure that favors Bay City residents
  • Actively engage in the Bay City community

Our Team

Bay City Bridge Partners has assembled a team of specialists in finance, design, construction, and operations & maintenance with extensive bascule bridge experience.

Included on our team are several local companies, including The Barckholtz Group and Rowe Professional Services Company.

For seamless operations & maintenance, we have secured agreements with existing city bridge tenders, mechanics/maintenance staff and cleaning.

Bay City Bridge Partners is committed to using union contractors and workers.

Project Team