Liberty Bridge Tolling Updates : August 22

Processing of Transactions and Account Activity Visibility

  • The next phase of our electronic tolling will launch soon, and we will begin processing bridge travel activity from the start of tolling on June 16th. 

Non-Resident $15 Monthly Pass Reminder

  • If you are a non-resident who wants retroactive Monthly Pass enrollment from the date of your BC-PASS account opening or the start of tolling date (whichever is later), you must enroll by 8/29.
  • After 8/29, we will begin posting toll transactions to BC-PASS accounts.  The toll rate will be based on vehicle class, and the account status at the time transaction posting begins.
  • Customers will have the option to enroll after 8/29, however, the effective date of the Monthly Pass will be based on the current enrollment/account opening date (no retroactive adjustments to the toll rate).
  • Update your account by calling 855-648-4330 or visiting the Customer Service center at 300 Center Ave, Suite 101.
  • There is no action required for residents who already have a BC-PASS account. 

Customer Service Questions?

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